Thanks to the information you provided I have more energy, sleep better, am happier and more optimistic.
Sherina T.
I've felt much better ever since I've made the changes you suggested. My lab values are way down for the first time in a year and a half. I am very grateful to you for the advice!
Chris P.
Thank you! I knew foods were important for health, but I did not realize just how important for self healing.
Debbie M.
I want to thank you for educating and inspiring me to improve my mental and physical health! I admire and respect the work that you do. You have made a difference in the quality of my life!
Elaine K.
Great information. I have more energy then I have ever had before. My wife said she was interested in changing! She saw results in me.
Dan C.
Hi Janet I met you at the Mother Earth Fair in PA. I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you . You have inspired me beyond words , to have a healthier life;) I am the one one that said you were so calming! You inspired my husband Tom as well ( it takes alot to do that ;)) Thanks again Janet!
I just wanted to really thank you for the changes I have seen in my health. I wish more people would listen, and give it a chance.
Anne R.
Thank you for imparting a vision of wholeness. You are an inspiration and a much needed voice for self-healing. Excellent teacher. Instructor Embodies the values she espouses.
Margaret L.
My husband and I attended your presentation yesterday at Farm to Table. I found you to be a great speaker, very interesting and informative.
Sally K.
I hope you are doing well!! I wanted to let you know that Dave just got excellent news! After changing our diet completely and changing medications, Dave's PSA dropped from 28.0 to 2.1! We are thrilled with the positive changes!!
Laurie W.
I have to say that you were an excellent speaker at the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend! I first heard you speak last year there and I was very excited to hear that you were coming back to talk about healing with food.
This film is amazing. It's such a beautiful combination of wonderful visuals and I love the way we begin on the soccer field and lead into the emotions of the family. The interviews with the doctors give a strong message without overpowering the viewer. Nicely done - Congratulations!
Hans D.
My friend Kathy, really enjoyed the talk. She has celiac and has to be very cautious about eating out. She had no problems with any of the food, and said that all the chocolate made she feel really happy.
Thanks again for all your edification, beautiful smile, and infectious outlook!
I am so happy that a friend suggested this class. I now have a new expert for better foods for my life; Janet is amazing!
Jeff P.
My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and with the changes in his diet, he's using very little insulin.
Adrienne W.
I'm really tring to limit the meat that I eat and I already feel better and its only been four weeks. That, I just didn't expect.
Vivian B.
You are just really terrific and Yolunda is really excited about you too and they are talking about driving up to your farm.
WPFW Radio in DC

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